Sunday School

Our Children’s Program Coordinator position is currently vacant and we are seeking to fill it.   We welcome volunteer teachers and teacher assistants from the congregation.

You will find the children at St. George’s gathering in the Parish Hall shortly before the 10:30 am Sunday service The first Sunday of the month is Children’s Sunday, in which children are present and are active participants during the liturgy portion of the service.  Those children who are competent readers have the opportunity to read one of the Scripture readings for the day. On children’s Sunday, students gather on the chancel steps with the children from the choir for the children’s homily and  children’s hymn and then process out to our class.
The Children’s Program at St. George’s currently includes children aged 5 through 12.  Classes are currently delivered in a multi-graded single class.  The Nursery program is for children under the age of 5 and meets downstairs in the Nursery room.

The curriculum followed is based on the liturgy for each week of the Church year.  Activities include craft projects, games, story telling, group sharing, and discussion.   The children join their parents for communion most Sundays.

Throughout the year, the children learn about their community and the world and take on outreach projects to raise awareness and to support those in need.

Our Nursery space on the lower level has been redesigned to accommodate the program “Come and Follow Jesus” and nursery care. Both programs sharing the same space will allow easy transition for the youngest children as they progress to the next level.  This program is an excellent way for our youngest members of the church to grow together in faith and community.   For more nursery  information contact Marlene Ramsay through the church office at 453-5642.

All classes are 10:30 am every Sunday, September through to the end of April.

*To ensure the safety and well-being of our children, all individuals working with children are required to undergo a Criminal and Child Abuse Registry check.