Sharing Our Faith, Our Resources and Ourselves

The Parish church of All Martyrs, Ndoddo, Diocese of Central Buganda ,Uganda, has been the sister church of St George’s for over ten years as part or our participation with Central Buganda. It is located near the town of Bulo, about 50 km northwest of Lake Victoria, which has a population of six thousand. We have helped this parish by providing funding for school books, assisting with exchange clergy visits, purchasing a cow for the minister and encouraging pen pals.

And What Was Next?: Providing a clean and reliable water supply for the 1,000 parish compound residents, students and the village of Bulo.

The new water supply replaced the remotely located and contaminated surface water supply that served the local village of Bulo, and the parish compound of All Martyrs. Work began on this project in 2004 and was completed and started operations in August 2006. All funding was provided by St George’s at a cost of $60,700.

Since that time the water system has been extended to the village of Kiddimule four km to the north of Bulo, to serve an additional 2000 people and enroute provide service directly to All Martyrs. St George’s has provided an additional $25,000 for this work.

The water project was best expressed by a visitor to the site: ‘The project is a miracle. Being there and seeing the project was overwhelming’.


Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund

How can one possibly make a difference to world poverty, famine and disease? One agency that responds and makes a difference is the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. This is a Christian organization supported by St. George’s, committed to international development and global justice. This fund has recently made HIV/AIDS a primary focus. In Africa it is its immediate priority, as Aids is the leading cause of death , leaving a large number of orphaned children with severely limited opportunities for education. For more information on workshops, etc.