Here are a few of the groups who do wonderful things at St. George’s. To find out more, pay us a visit or contact us.


We are a group of people which meets to discuss and advise on all aspects of worship, ensuring that services meet the spiritual needs of the congregation. The group includes the Altar Guild, the Servers, the Organist/Director of Music, the readers, the sidespersons, the greeters and pretty much anyone else who plays a part in the worship services. We also review the forms of liturgy being used and make recommendations for changes.

Mission and Ministry

With the support of everyone at St. George’s, we are involved in raising money for and providing time and talent to a wide variety of programs.  One of our main areas of support is for the West Broadway Community Ministry.  We also recently sponsored a Syrian refugee family of four to come to Winnipeg.  The parish has provided funding for the construction of a well to provide fresh water to a village in Uganda.  We support Habitat for Humanity, the Lion’s Eye Bank, some inner city schools, and a variety of other causes.  Visit the Outreach section of our website also.

Pastoral Care

We are a group of people who visit our shut-in parishioners. Visit our Outreach page for more information.

Youth Group

Our youth group includes a number of teenagers from the Parish, and meets once per month.  We are also involved in planning some events.

Property Committee

Caring for and maintaining an award-winning church building involves a number of parishioners. In 2009 we arranged for the installation of a new energy efficient boiler for the heating system.

The Facelifters/Garage Sale Committee

We are a very large group of people from all corners of the parish, who plan and organize an annual spring garage sale in the church, raising money for projects to “facelift” the church as well as providing significant funds for the general running of the church. We take donations of “stuff” and sort it throughout the year, in preparation for the 4 hours that we are open to the public. Our garage sale includes a Bake Sale, a Silent Auction for some of the items of value, and provide a nice lunch for anyone who wants to sit and visit for a bit.