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Annual Reports

This is the complete report booklet which forms the basis of the parish Annual General Meeting. It contains reports from the Priest, Wardens, and committee chairs, plus a 2009 budget and a list of nominations.

The Windsor Report

A ninety-nine page document prepared for the worldwide Anglican Communion in 2004 by the Lambeth Commission on Communion. Arising out of the controversy created by the attempt by parts of the church to affirm homosexual people and bless their committed partnerships, and the vehement rejection of those steps by other parts of the church, The Windsor Report discusses how the church might make ethical decisions while maintaining its unity.

Church Membership

The full text of “Canon 20” of the “Synod of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land.” It sets out the rules which govern decision-making meetings within congregations, and is the only official source where you can find a definition of a full voting member of a parish. The definition is located in Section #2, the Declaration of Church Membership.

The Anglican Church is a global Communion, whose basic unit is a “Diocese.” St. George’s is one congregation of the Diocese of Rupert’s Land – a region comprising the City of Winnipeg and its environs. Diocesan bylaws are called “canons,” which means “norms,” and this file comprises four pages of definitions and regulations regarding full congregational meetings, “vestry” meetings, and two levels of membership in a congregation, “member,” and “communicant.”

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