Here are a few of the groups who do wonderful things at St. George’s. To find out more, pay us a visit or contact us.


We are a group of people which meets to advise the Incumbent with respect to all aspects of worship, ensuring that services meet the spiritual needs of the congregation. The group includes the Altar Guild, the Servers, the Organist/Director or Music, the readers, the sidespersons, the greeters and pretty much anyone else who plays a part in the worship services. We also review the forms of liturgy being used and make recommendations for changes.

Mission and Ministry

With the support of everyone at St. George’s, we are involved in raising money for and providing time and talent to programmes ranging from a literacy programme at West Broadway Community Ministry to helping a priest purchase a cow in Uganda.  We also provided funding for the construction of a well to provide fresh water to a village in Uganda.  Visit the Reaching Out section of our website.

Ministry of Fun

We plan the “Fun” events in the Church, from Twoonie Lunches to Spaghetti Dinners to Baptism Lunches. The planning meetings have turned into social events on their own and lots of people offer to help with events just so they can come to the planning meetings.   We also organize the annual Christmas dinner at St. George’s.

Pastoral Care

We are a group of people who visit our shut-in parishioners. Visit the Our Shut-ins section of our website.


We work on various ways to invite more people to join us in worship at St. George’s. We do advertising and campaigns and hold special events, or special invitational events so that people will get to know us.


Our youth group includes a number of teenagers from the Parish, and meets once per month.  We are also involved in planning some events.

Refugee Committee

We are a group committed to helping sponsor and support refugees from various parts of the world. Visit the Reaching Out to Refugees section of our website.

Property Committee

Caring for and maintaining an award-winning church building involves a number of parishioners.   We recently (2009) arranged for the installation of a new energy efficient boiler for the heating system.